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At Angel Acres Farm, we sell a wide variety of products, including:

If you are interested in purchasing any of these products, please print our order form. If you’d like to purchase in bulk, please print our bulk order form. We are also licensed for commercial sales – please contact us at (715) 765-4298 or for more information and wholesale pricing.

100% Berkshire Pork

Our pork is incredible. Buy a little or buy a lot, you’ll be glad you did! PorkOur pasture-raised 100% Berkshire pigs are non-GMO and are of heritage stock, which is similar to the role that heirloom tomatoes play for vegetable gardeners. We’ve scoured ancestral lines of hogs and hand-selected our pigs because their meat has high levels of firmness, juiciness, chewiness, tenderness, and fat. Believe us when we say that you’ll have the best pork chop of your life if you buy one of ours. The pork we sell is not “white meat.” It is dark, full of rich flavor, and frankly, it will knock your socks off. Berkshire pigs originated in England and gathered their original fame after being “discovered” by Oliver Cromwell’s army. From that time forward the Berkshires became favored by the English upper class. The first Berkshires were brought to the United States in the early 1800s, and in 1875 a group of breeders decided to maintain the purity of the Berkshire stock, importing new swine from England and improving the state of livestock production for years to come. Shortly thereafter Japan followed suit, and Japanese culture still recognizes the superior quality of the Berkshires. Today, in a time when the industrial pork industry breeds lean pigs for quantity, not quality, the 300-plus-pound Berkshires require an entirely different type of treatment. The Berkshire produces a whole carcass that is well-marbled, it is consistently sweet and tender, and these pigs reign as favored both in U.S. and foreign markets. For superior meat quality, look no further than our Berkshires.

Certified Organic and Pasture-Raised Poultry

ChickensThe Cornish cross meat birds and Cornish game hens that we pasture-raise here at Angel Acres Farm produce delicious Vitamin-D and Omega-3 rich meat. We do not use preventative antibiotics, medications, or growth hormones on our poultry as is so commonly done by industrial producers. Our birds are treated if their illnesses are serious; otherwise they fight off their colds themselves. The meat birds on our farm are fed certified organic feed with flaxseeds; they receive plenty of fresh water, enjoy shade and sunshine, and hop and cluck about our green pastures. Once mature, our birds are processed at a state inspected facility, which means we can sell our poultry on our farm, at farmer’s markets, to restaurants, and in select grocery outlets. Feel good while eating our poultry. Not only are they delicious, moist, and taste like chicken should, you’ve made an informed choice knowing that the birds are raised in a sustainable, humane, and compassionate way!

Certified Organic, Free-Range Eggs

Angel Acres Farm eggs come from a mixed flock of brown, white, Eggs and green/blue egg layers. Our various shades of brown eggs come from a mix of heritage and commercial hens including Rhode Island Reds, Red and Black sex links, Turkens, Giant Jersey Blacks, Barred Plymouth Rocks, and Buff Orpingtons. Our white eggs are laid by California Whites. Ameraucana have hues of green and blue, and these are among our favorites as we never now what shade of blue or green we’ll get. All of our hens are pasture-raised and free-ranged, weather permitting. Our free-range eggs have high nutritional value. We had sample testing of our eggs done in the summer of 2007, versus an egg that was laid in a commercial facility. Here is how the sample measured up:

Total CLA Total Omega-3 Total Omega-6
Angel Acres Egg 14.744 mg 204.309 mg 1239.898 mg
Commercial Egg 3.025 mg 38.032 mg 728.661 mg

Grass-Fed Beef

BeefFor our grass-fed beef, we’ve chosen Red Poll cattle, which is a heritage breed. It is also dual-purpose, meaning the cattle produce both meat and dairy products. Like our 100% Berkshire pork, our Red Poll cattle also have great marbling. They taste great, too! These cattle found a home on our farm on account of their kind and gentle natures. Since we have six children, having cattle that are kid-friendly is important to us. Along with a wide variety of cuts for people to eat, we also offer smoked beef bones, which are great treats for pets.

Honey and Certified Organic Maple Syrup

Angel Acres Farm is in our fifth year of fresh maple syrup production and our second year for honey. Syrup Michael and Thomas, our two oldest sons, are in charge of our maple syrup and honey production process. They call themselves “the sugar brothers.” The brothers’ final products would make a great addition to any kitchen and are available for purchase by the half pint, pint, or quart.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above products, please print our order form. If you’d like to purchase in bulk, please print our bulk order form. We are also licensed for commercial sales – please contact us at (715) 765-4298 or for more information and wholesale pricing. If you’d like to find out more about what is happening at Angel Acres Farm, please visit our blog. Thank you for your interest in Angel Acres Farm!