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About Angel Acres Farm

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Who runs Angel Acres Farm?
All eight of us do! Eileen and Jeff McCutchen, and our children Michael, Melissa, Thomas, Anne Marie, Bridget, and Sean Paul.

About1 We became farmers after Jeff retired in 2004 from a career position in the U.S. Navy that required frequent moves. We wanted to settle down and a farm in northern Wisconsin was ideal for us, as we can be close to both Eileen’s family in St. Paul, Minnesota, and to Jeff’s in Peoria, Illinois. We initially traveled to Wisconsin from San Diego, Calif. and we didn’t know what we would find when we arrived. After renting in the area for seven months, we bought our farm in the Town of Kelly in late 2004 and named it Angel Acres Farm.

Before we embarked on the adventure of raising animals, we visited Polyface Farm, run by Joel Salatin in Swoope, Virginia. Salatin’s farm is featured in Michael Pollan’s book, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” as well as in the recent film documentary, “Food, Inc.” as being a model of sustainable food production. Some of what we now do at Angel Acres Farm is exactly what Polyface Farm does, such as the way we raise our chickens.

Animals at Angel Acres are raised using certified organic, sustainable, humane, and compassionate methods. Our animals have plenty of space to be themselves, and they only receive antibiotics if they are sick. We care about our animals and help them live good lives. About2We call our animals by name, feed them well, and give them lots of room to run around.

As omnivores, we vote with each bite we take. Each dollar we spend is a vote to change the way our industrial food system works. Every dollar spent at Angel Acres supports humane animal treatment, local food initiatives, and the survival of our community economy.

If you’d like to meet us in person and chat about our farm, we make the rounds in summer to area farmer’s markets, including those in Ashland, Madeline Island, Cable, Hayward, and Lake Nebagamon. We look forward to meeting you!

Jeff and Eileen McCutchen, Angel Acres Farm
60500 Maple Ridge Rd.
Mason, Wisconsin 54856
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